Sunday, 19 December 2010

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Having sworn to update every day, it’s taken me 0 days to miss my first deadline. Go me. So the following is a day old, not that you care. Or even exist, for that matter.

Anyway. If I pledge to update every day that means I’ve got to find something to write about.

So let's talk about this guy two rows in front of me who is making no secret of chatting up a girl in the row across from him.

This is the first time I’ve heard a guy chat up a girl in public outside of shitty American television American television. I would chalk this up to me being colossal misanthrope who goes out in public about as often as I feel the urge to bludgeon my nuts with a hammer, except that everyone else in the carriage is listening in as if they've never heard this sort of thing before either.

I'm on a train, by the way.

So either I’m not a colossal misanthrope, and this sort of thing really isn't all that uncommon, or the public doesn't get out much either.

There’s no actual point to this. I’m just typing randomly.

Oh, shut up. I know I'm writing shite, but hey, you’re the one still sat here reading it. I’m going to change trains now.

So now having changed trains I find myself in a carriage full of drunk Doncastrian football supporters. This should be fun.

No, seriously, it really is fun. Listening to them trying to string sentences together is very entertaining. I'd say it was the all the booze but I think it's more to do with them being from Doncaster.

Floodedobah-dah dahbedobedobe dobe dobah-bah flahbahlablelablelah.

Arrived in Hull. Cunting cuntbuggery, it's cold.

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